Everything that goes online stays there forever

Risks of using social media in work

Many people understand that it is impossible to combine work and social media. You cannot publish working information. You cannot send documents and treaties in public messengers or social media messengers. What threat is there?

Firstly, any information related to business processes is not a subject for publication on social media. It should only be used internally

Secondly, companies are often being tracked by their competitors so any kind of sensitive data can be used against their business

What is worth remembering?

> Don’t ever send documents via messengers and never upload them to your social networks

> Also don’t store documents in public cloud services like Google Drive. Documents that can be edited by link can also be found in your web browser

> If you take a photo and cover up some information on it, you should know that it is easy to restore it. Even cropping a photo may not help. So, avoid getting important information on the photo

To sum things up, say NO to social media when it comes to your company insides. All the information you share online is considered public, and there’s also a chance that it will be set against you.